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Ambulance Chasing Blogging at It’s Finest | Missouri Political News Service

Ambulance Chasing Blogging at It’s Finest

September 4th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

PubDef founder Antonio French is New Orleans this week – undoubtedly disappointed- that there wasn’t another Katrina Style disaster in New Orleans after Hurricane Gustav. It’s pretty transparent that the Obama Kool-Aid drinker was looking for another 15 minutes of fame by reporting “news” from the pending disaster. We guess French has so much money left over from his abyssmal performance running Rodney Hubbard’s losing campaign that he can blow a week and funds on a wasted trip.

If there had been another disaster this week, can you imagine the field day the owner of the “non partisan” blog would have had criticizing President Bush and the Republicans? It’s only poetic justice we say that the storm turned out to be a relative dud. Hey Antonio, have a Muffalata and Hurricane (no pun intended) on us (look me up, I’m at Tulane) while we try and stay awake reading your posts on empty grocery shelves and gasoline shortages in a nearly deserted town.



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