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Clinton Bloggers: “Can You Cross Out ‘Hillary’ and Write ‘Sarah’?” | Missouri Political News Service

Clinton Bloggers: “Can You Cross Out ‘Hillary’ and Write ‘Sarah’?”

September 2nd, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Look like Claire has some work ahead of her to convince her sister Democrats to vote for Obama-siah.

It was an awfully complicated week to be a Hillary supporter.

What’s a woman to do? Or at least, the woman who so badly wanted to see a woman in the White House?

Democrats, who make up the party that has long claimed the bigger pool of up-and-coming women, were quick to dismiss Ms. Palin as not experienced enough to be a heartbeat from the presidency. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters will never back her, they insisted, because she is against abortion rights.

Not. So. Fast.

That underestimated, or at least underappreciated, the raw feelings of many Clinton supporters, and particularly the women among them, despite the almost flawless display of harmony in Denver. Read more…



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