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Sinquefield Foundation Donates $500K to Help Disadvantaged Students | Missouri Political News Service

Sinquefield Foundation Donates $500K to Help Disadvantaged Students

August 11th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

It’s a real shame that the left has so vilified philanthropist Rex Sinquefield because of his strong support for vouchers and school choice, that they fail to notice or mention that Sinquefield does a great deal more for children than create PAC’s that support politicians who support his education reform cause. In addition to these efforts,Sinquefield recently started a chess club for kids in St. Louis.

From the St. Louis Business Journal:

By Kelsey Volkmann

The Sinquefield Charitable Foundation said Monday it donated $500,000 to the Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation.

The Today and Tomorrow Foundation assists parochial and private schools in providing quality, affordable and accessible educational opportunities to disadvantaged students.

“It’s about helping St. Louis’ disadvantaged children have a better chance in life,” said St. Louis native Rex Sinquefield in an online video announcing the donation. In the 1970s, Rex Sinquefield did influential research on historical stock market returns and pioneered many of the nation’s first index funds. He lived in an orphanage as a child before being reunited with his mother. Read more…



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  • 1 Angel // Aug 14, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Rex is doing such great things for the city and the state. Not only do I admire his generosity, I admire his motivation to keep pursuing his beliefs when insults are flown his way. It is really too bad people keep attacking him for his political donations when he is not only trying to fix the problems he sees, but when he also donates so much money to many causes…this one being to help so many children.
    This specific donation helps thousands of children stuck in failing schools…why would someone say something negative about that? Do you want your kids is a school that was deemed unaccrediated? I surely would not!
    St. Louis is not for sale…he is only giving money (quite generously) to his beliefs.
    He has been blessed with his success and now he is trying to give back. He grew up quite differently than what he has now and only wants to improve his childhood state

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