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Temple Flip Flops Too! Is It Something In The Water?

July 17th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

We can’t find it now, but we came across a post Monday by Roy Temple that urged Sen. Obama to choose Claire McCaskill as his running mate. The post -which has mysteriously disappeared – was on Temple’s personal blog on FiredUp Missouri. Following in the fine flip flop tradition of Chris “Flipper” Koster and Sen. Obama, Temple – who was angry at McCaskill for challenging his buddy Bob Holden in 2004 – now has jumped on the McCaskill for VP bandwagon.

Temple also continues the tradition the Dems have of pushing symbolism over substance when it comes to serious political discourse. Temple’s reason Obama should choose Claire: because it would be nice to have another Senator from Missouri who becomes vice president and possibly president. Have Temple and Clinton been comparing notes since her famous gaffe suggesting she should stay in the race because Bobby Kennedy wasn’t assassinated till June of 1968?

Speaking of FiredUp and the Temple man, a new blog called Fried Up Missouri! was recently started that parodies the Democrat hack site. Here’s an excerpt:

“Only a narcissist like Claire McCaskill could assume that everything that happens in the world is related to her.”- Roy Temple

I think all Missourians should write, fax and flood the lines at the Obama Campaign and press for Claire McCaskill to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. It would be so great to have another Democrat from Missouri rise up from the office of Senate to Vice-President and maybe one day President of the United States.


I mean who doesn’t love Senator McCaskill? For the good of the party I go back on my word and support Claire McCaskill for Vice-President. Read more…



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