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Rep. Jamilah Nasheed Accused of “Jim Crow Era” Intimidation by Opponent | Missouri Political News Service

Rep. Jamilah Nasheed Accused of “Jim Crow Era” Intimidation by Opponent

July 17th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments


Former Hillary Clinton presidential supporter Rep. Jamilah Nasheed

 Kimberly Gardner’s campaign for state representative of the 60th District has voiced its concern to the Missouri Democratic Party related to the conduct of State Representative Jamilah Nasheed and her campaign intimidation and suppression tactics. Gardner supporters claim that Rep. Nasheed has personally engaged repeatedly in heated altercations with Gardner supporters over their support, placement of campaign signs and literature throughout the 60th District but no complaints were ever lodged. However, her behavior escalated Tuesday, July 15th when Rep. Nasheed approached several Gardner campaign workers on the 4300 block of Taylor in a physically threatening manner and verbally berated them.

These “Jim Crow era” intimidation tactics from our nation’s tragic past have no place in Missouri politics. It is ironic that these tactics are being waged by an African American woman activist who has worked diligently to eliminate the vestiges of the “Jim Crow” era in the lives of African Americans. It is time to bring Rep. Nasheed’s bully tactics to an end.

Witnesses to the alleged incident claim that Rep. Nasheed repeatedly berated the campaign workers for supporting Ms. Gardner. As the campaign staff attempted to walk away, she pursued them with continued insults. Kimberly Gardner says, “This conduct began with efforts to stop me from filing as a candidate. She and her campaign threatened to take my job, and without regard to the truth, defame my character and reputation so I could never serve my community through elected office in the future. Despite these threats, I decided to offer my candidacy to the residents of the 60th District anyway.”

“This is the same type of bravado that serves as the foundation of the violent crime plaguing the 60th District today. I will not be bullied or intimidated by anyone including Rep. Nasheed.” said Gardner. “I want to stop this before it escalates beyond threatening gestures and words. Her attempts to use aggressive behavior, insults and humiliation to chill my supporters’ Constitutional right to support whom ever they see fit — will not work.”



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