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Koster Forgets if the “Highlight of His Career” Trial Ended With Confession or Jury Conviction | Missouri Political News Service

Koster Forgets if the “Highlight of His Career” Trial Ended With Confession or Jury Conviction

July 3rd, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

“I’ve been fortunate to have many memorable experiences during my career”

How bad is it getting for the Koster campaign? When have you ever heard of a campaign sending opposition research on itself to the media? That’s exactly what Koster’s campaign did today when they sent embarrasing information to the Post Dispatch’s Adam Jadhav (one of the few bright spots over at the Post Disgrace these days). The embarrassing information was a piece in the Spring issue of the University of Missouri Law School alumni magazine. Here’s the quote:

“I’ve been fortunate to have many memorable experiences during my career, but few compare to leading the successful prosecution of serial killer John Robinson. His crimes were so heinous, the damage so irreparable and the horror so unspeakable that his conviction was immensely important for both the family members and the people of Missouri. When the jury came back with a guilty verdict sentencing him to life in prison, it was a landmark day for both my career and the history of our state.” Read more…

The only problem with this quote, John Robinson never had a jury trial, he confessed. Taking a page from the presumptive Democrat nominee for President’s playbook, Koster blamed the gaffe on a staffer who filled out a questionaire. And conveniently, the staffer is no longer with the campaign.

As the primary campaign winds down to its August conclusion, MOPNS would like to take you back to Day 1 of this poorly run campaign. A campaign that never seemed to get on the “right” track.

FLASHBACK VIDEO: SLUH Denies Koster use of Campus (8/1/07)

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  • 1 Loyal Dem // Jul 3, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    I posted this on the Political Fix website, too:

    It’s hard to believe that someone as arrogant as Koster is would let a staffer write anything for him. The staffers in the Missouri Senate can verify he never trusted his staff to write anything for him. After all, NO ONE is as smart as he is – at least in Koster’s own mind. I think Koster wrote what he believed to be the truth and then when called on it blamed the mistake on a former staffer. Why doesn’t he name the former staffer???? Because the staffer would call him out on it????

  • 2 Boomer // Jul 6, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    8 months! Only 8 months!! I have written time and time again about the lack of experience Jeff Harris has vs Koster. I never had any idea how little experience Harris really had until now.

    Did you know that when Jeff Harris served as an Assistant Attorney General it was ONLY FOR 8 MONTHS. This is all he talks about and he only held the job for 8 months.

    For heavens sake, what kind of experience does he think he got in only 8 months. Did he take any vacation days? Did he catch a cold and stay home for a couple of days? Maybe he really only has 7 and a half months of experience as an Asst AG.

    I have interns in my office that have 6 months stints. Was Harris really an just an intern? That might make a little more sense.

    For crying out loud, who holds a job for 8 months and then brags about how much “experience” they earned. Most people don’t even put a job on their resume if they don’t stick with it for at least a year.

    I think Paris Hilton was in jail for longer then Harris worked as an Asst AG.

    Why would anyone ever elect a guy to be AG that could not even put forth an honest effort when he took a job as an Assistant AG. Why would anyone elect a guy that had such little interest in the AG’s office that he quit inside of a year of being hired. Harris accuses everyone else of being political opportunist and using this election as a stepping stone to the governor’s mansion. What did he do? Serving ONLY 8 MONTHS!! Was Harris padding his resume?

    Harris’ slogan is “Real Democrat, Real Experience”. Real experience, my foot. I bet 99% of the people working currently as an Asst AG have more experience then Harris.

    I must admit that when I have blogged in the past about Harris’ lack of experience, I had no idea he held the Asst AG job for such a short amount of time. Talk about exaggerating his experience. I thought when I would say “Koster has 10 times the experience of Harris”, I was using poetic license and that I was exaggerating a bit. Little did I realize that Koster really has 15 times the experience of Harris.

    Think about it, Harris started his job. It probably took him 2 or 3 months to get to know everyone, figure out where the bathroom was and get worked into the equation. After that, he worked, at most, for 2 or 3 months before starting to think about quiting. He barely started, and he quit (we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he did not get pushed out). For God sake, isn’t it kinda normal to call somebody “the new guy” until they have been there at least a year? Harris was still “the new guy” when he quit And now he wants people to believe that in this short 8 MONTH stint he somehow generated some huge amount of experience….please.

    Does Harris have any other experience we should know about now that the whole Asst AG thing is kinda not all that impressive.

    Sorry Jeff, experience is not something you can not just say you have. You actually have to work at it. And just a little more advice, it typically takes more then 8 months to gain truly valuable experience (i.e. knowing more then just where the bathroom is)

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