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[UPDATE] Quote of the Day: “When Chris Koster is Attorney General, He Will Stand Up to George Bush”

June 24th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Hazel Erby: STL County Council District 1

“When Chris Koster is Attorney General, he will stand up to George Bush and the Republicans, fight for working families, and protect our communities by keeping criminals off our streets.”

Ummm…..Hazel sweetheart, I mean Councilwoman Erby, we’ll let you in on a little secret. IF Chris Koster is elected Attorney General of Missouri this fall -when he takes office in January – George Bush will be literally days away from the end of his presidency! It doesn’t look like there will be a whole lot of opportunities for Koster to “stand up to George Bush.” Try not to let this get out. OK?


MPNblog.com: “Erby, however, may not have actually endorsed Koster. Her first quarter fundraising report shows a contribution to State Rep. Margaret Donnelly’s campaign. There is no matching contribution to Koster. Incidentally, the contribution also does not appear in Donnelly’s campaign finance reports.

The quote from Erby is seemingly a response to Jeff Harris’ recent attacks on Koster that aim to remind voters of Koster’s roots in the Republican Party, including 13 years as a Republican elected official. Read more…



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