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Kay “Manchurian Candidate” Barnes Gets a “Vinay”

June 10th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Kay Barnes after her D.C Fundraiser where she was unable to answer the simple question: “what is the price of gas in your district?”

We’ve been getting a number of visitors from the Democratic National Committee and from Emily’s List who have been watching this video we posted yesterday of Kay Barnes having a shockingly difficulty time answering one simple question: “what is the price of gas in your district.” Barnes-who looked indignant that a potential voter would actually have the temerity to ask a candidate running for Congress a question – guffawed and danced around the question until she finally answered snidely, “I know what you people are all about” and “You all need to get a life.” This clearly proves to us that Kay Cronkite Waldo Barnes is a talking points Manchurian candidate, who when she doesn’t have her handlers pulling the marionette strings, can’t answer an elementary question like what is the price of gasoline? Hey Barnes operatives, here’s a tongue and cheek suggestion for your candidate. Next time, program her cell phone to receive gas price alerts, that way she’ll never be embarrassed like that again! Hell, why not run the whole campaign like that, saves on paper for the talking points and this will help you with all those voters in the 6th District who share Kay’s San Francisco values.

Infamous Jay Nixon tracker Vinay “wide stance” Vaz followed Governor Blunt into the restroom last November with his camera in tow.

The irony of Barnes’ incompetence as a candidate is both alarming, revealing, and frankly downright comical. Just last week, Candidate Barnes – looking to score cheap political points on the bad news of rising fuel prices, called Congressman Graves “Mr. Exxon” (Some staffer probably had an epiphany in the middle of the night and thought this one up to add to the next day’s talking points.) because of his support for exploring for energy in our own country. Now you would think that a candidate who had a little more substance, beyond reciting talking points, would at least have SOME idea of the price of gasoline? Maybe not down to the penny, but to be that clueless is inexcusable. Are the DNC, and the radical feminists over at Emily’s List, devising new talking points for Kay as we write to answer for this bubbling controversy?



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