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Clay Throws Water on Hillary for VP | Missouri Political News Service

Clay Throws Water on Hillary for VP

June 6th, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

Rep. Lacy Clay is continuing to put the kibosh on Hillary Clinton as Sen. Obama’s VP pick. Today on The Hill Newspaper blog, Clay suggests that if Obama chooses Clinton, her nomination would only “ignite their [Republican] fundraising base.”

Now, Clay is either exhibiting that he is naively clueless to the real negative implications of Hillary as his VP pick, or this is part of the Democrats grand “coming together” production they’ll be perpetrating on the public for the next couple of months. You mean to tell us that Rev. Jeremiah Wright, David Ayres, Louis Farrakhan, and Tony Rezko won’t “ignite” the republican base? Clay was singing a different tune last month when asked about Hillary as VP. You’ll notice that he doesn’t mention Clinton as being a fundraising draw for Republicans back then:

“The downside is the divide that has occurred over the last year in this primary is pretty wide,” Clay said. “I’m not sure the Obama supporters will fall in line and support her. It’s evident that she and her husband started down this racial path shortly after the South Carolina primary and they continue to hearken back to racial divides in this country.”



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