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“Gay” or “Kay” Whatever! Antonio, What about Hubbard’s Poll? | Missouri Political News Service

“Gay” or “Kay” Whatever! Antonio, What about Hubbard’s Poll?

June 4th, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

PubDef blogger Antonio French is attempting to stir up a little controversy today. After attending the loud and enthusiastic watch party for Senator Obama last night, Mr. French is apparently having some problems with his hearing today.

French suggests in a post this morning, that the female announcer in the latest kooky Sam Graves ad, intentionally mispronounced Kay Barnes first name as “gay” instead of “Kay.” Yeah, we agree its a monumental stretch, but we’re sure Jeff Roe and the Graves camp are ecstatic that their cheesy, low budget ads are again getting much free publicity. We’ve never thought much of Roe’s tactics or methods, but he sure is looking like an evil genius right now!

Being the cynical and conspiracy theorists we are, (NOT) we believe Mr. French may have another reason to throw gasoline on this potential smoldering fire. Is French trying to deflect from this story we brought you earlier this week? French’s best known clients, Sen. Chris Koster and Rep. Rodney Hubbard, are both reportedly sitting on bad poll results and are afraid to release them. Here’s a few quotes from the Democrat leaning Arch City Chronicle on the speculation :

“Why again would Hubbard’s campaign choose to release their results? I mean – they paid for them. I wouldn’t share them with anybody but my staff and my biggest contributors…”

“As much bravado as Hubbard has. You best believe, if the numbers were in his favor. They would be replacing those big ass signs. Or better yet a rap video about it.”


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