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Media Makes Excuses for Jay Nixon on Quadriplegic Case | Missouri Political News Service

Reporter Watson Exposes Jay Nixon Double Standard

June 2nd, 2008 by jjjameson · No Comments

By J. Jonah Jameson

If there were any doubts that the media has a double standard when it comes to Jay Nixon and Republicans, then Bob Watson at the Jefferson City News-Tribune just dispelled those doubts.

You see, Watson copied us in on an email containing a series of questions that boil down to one simple yet distorted premise: Watson doesn’t believe Marla Grothoff’s quadriplegia has anything to do with the $26,000 settlement Jay Boy reached with her because it was merely an allegation never admitted to in the final settlement.

You see, Watson wants to do an “analysis piece”, which translates into an “excuse piece” for Nixon based on all the razzing Bob-oh is getting from his Democrat pals like Scott Holste, Nixon’s official/taxpayer-financed campaign spokesman.

Watson apparently has deduced that there really was no “proof” that discrimination ever occurred and that it is not fair for Republicans to claim discrimination: “If that’s the case, how would you respond to anyone arguing that Scott Eckersley has proven he was wronged by Gov. Blunt’s office, because he claimed wrong-doing in his lawsuit? “ Watson writes.

How would we respond? Well, how’s this:

Poor Bob must not be reading the writings of Baghdad Tony Messenger and the other lemmings among the Missouri media that have been fawning all over Eckersley’s every allegation. In fact, the media have turned the original Eckersley allegations into fact, even before the case makes it to the courts, and continue to happily transcribe every word on the issue being uttered by Jack Cardetti (another Watson pal, we are told).

The fact is Jay Boy fought and negotiated his way out of taking responsibility for discriminating against a quadriplegic. But Watson wants answers from Republicans in order to make excuses for Jay Boy.

Something’s VERY wrong with this picture!

This is a media setup aimed at clearing Jay Boy’s name. Well, it’ll take a lot more than a few apologists in the media like Watson to do that. Ultimately, Jay Boy is going to have to speak up and we all know what happens when he does that!



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