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MRP: Democrat Daze: Will Nixon Finally Have to Answer to Missourians? | Missouri Political News Service

MRP: Democrat Daze: Will Nixon Finally Have to Answer to Missourians?

March 6th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

JEFFERSON CITY _ With fractured Missouri Democrats headed to Hannibal this weekend without a presidential nominee to rally behind, Jay Nixon is expected to be on hand and perhaps may finally have to answer critical questions Missourians have been asking for months. Here are the dirty half-dozen issues that Nixon has never had to personally address.

1. Nixon admitted one year after a 2006 audit of his office that he was using a taxpayer-funded car for personal and political purposes. Who in his office falsely “represented,” as Auditor Montee has said, that he was only using his state car for official purposes? And how long has Nixon been using his state vehicle and staff for political purposes since he was elected in 1992?

2. Nixon has proposed a billion tax increase in order to access federal dollars for his proposal to return to the old, broken Medicaid system that failed many Missourians. Why is Nixon proposing this massive tax increase on Missourians?

3. Nixon filled out a public questionnaire which showed he supported providing taxpayer dollars for illegal immigrants. Nixon should explain to Missourians why he supports this policy when the majority of Missourians support the Republican Party’s strong stance against illegal immigration.

4. Nixon received campaign contributions from Ameren while he was investigating the utility. Who specifically from his campaign asked for this money or did Nixon solicit the contributions himself? Also, why have those contributions not been returned and in fact found their way back into Nixon’s campaign coffers despite his false claims the money was returned?

5. Nixon has been sued by a quadriplegic state worker who was fired from her job because of her disability. With a settlement near and taxpayer dollars on the line, why did Nixon discriminate and how much is the settlement going to cost Missourians?

6. Nixon has sought to attack Republican health care reforms in the media. But Nixon has yet to explain how he can launch those attacks when he himself defended Democrat-enacted Medicaid cuts that sought to reduce or eliminate benefits to over 300,000 Missourians. What has changed besides the Party membership of the governor?



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