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Hey FiredUp! Jay Likes Bicycle Racing Too! | Missouri Political News Service

Hey FiredUp! Jay Likes Bicycle Racing Too!

March 6th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

FiredUp Missouri today posted its 15 or 16th post (we’ve frankly lost count) on the Tour de Missouri Bicycle race. For months now, the Missouri blogospere has been subjected to their “sophomoric” and “ill considered” ridicule of the race, and in particular, their “cruel” treatment of Lt. Governor Kinder.

You would think that the party of “working people” and their supporters would be enthusiastically supporting the race – especially in light of all the economic activity the race creates in the local communities. The hotel workers, waiters, taxi drivers, and others (the working people) who benefit from the race coming to their respective cities probably don’t appreciate the negative coverage. Especially now that the’ve been convinced by Barack and Hillary that the nation is heading into a recession

We also think it’s ironic that, with their continual bashing of the Tour de Missouri, FiredUp Missouri missed these stories of No Way Jay” and his wife receiving awards and accolades from Missouri bicyclist organizations.



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