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Lake Sun Leader Editorial & “Jettonisms” | Missouri Political News Service

Lake Sun Leader Editorial & “Jettonisms”

February 28th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

We sure are going to miss Rod Jetton next session. Unfortunately, the walking/talking quote machine and blogger’s paradise is term limited.

“We have a trade we’d like the good people of Mexico to consider: We’ll trade you one sneaky, underhanded Speaker of the House for a couple cases of cold Coronas.

We’re not sure how much work Mexico will get out of Mr. Jetton, but thankfully for Missourians, he’ll need a new job anyway come November when term limits shove him out the door of the state capitol. -Lake Sun Leader

“Mitt’s going to do better as we go further west, obviously you know Montana, Idaho, Colorado, even Arizona, even though its McCain’s state.” – Speaker Rod Jetton

“Huckabee is moving up in Iowa but that’s the only state and his campaign is barely raising enough money to keep him afloat there.” – Speaker Rod Jetton

“I can’t explain my disappointment, shock, and confusion over this news and have even talked to Chris personally to try and convince him not to run, but haven’t been successful. I am sure we all have friends who are Democrats and maybe Chris will be one of those friends.” – Speaker Rod Jetton


Ozark’s Messenger: Jetton strikes again …

MOPNS:“Twinkies, Pop Tarts and Steak”

MOPNS: “The Turner Report reports today that, in between scheduling flyaround trips with formerly(???) disgruntled Jack Jackson to upstage the governor; endorsing Democrats on the House floor; inserting language in a bill to help a contributor; and allegedly using campaign funds to purchase office equipment for your consulting business, “Reaper” Jetton has nearly doubled the amount of lobbyists’ gifts he accepted n 2006.”



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