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MOGOP Claims Nixon “Filching” on Expense Account; Release Radio Ad | Missouri Political News Service

MOGOP Claims Nixon “Filching” on Expense Account; Release Radio Ad

November 16th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

In a press release today, the Missouri Republican party accused Attorney General Jay Nixon of “filching” on his expense account when it came to the use of his official vehicle. This issue has been a tremendous headache for Nixon ever since we exclusively exposed his abuse of the taxpayers a few weeks ago.

The Missouri Republican Party says that after nearly 30 days of stonewalling, Nixon has finally surrendered to them internal records that they say show Nixon engaged in “routine, day by day petty chiseling on his expense account.” The release goes on to say he was “spare-changing the taxpayers for quarters and dollars.”

One example cited is Mr. Nixon’s home/office commute. The actual trip is 4.7 miles, but, he routinely repaid the people of Missouri only 4.0 miles of actual travel in their automobile. Day after day. Over a long period.

The actual round-trip distance is 4.7 miles, as measured by MapQuest and verified by odometer on a test drive. But Nixon’s own records show that he reimburses for only 4.0 miles of routine daily use. Thus, he returns to taxpayers only 85% of what he owes.

The first 4.0 mile short-change reimbursement was in January 2004. The most recent that was documented was in January 2007. For no day was Nixon able to produce a record that he reimbursed what he owes: 4.7 miles per day of actual use, multiplied by the state mileage rate of $.366625 (average of 2004-2007 rates).

The total mileage not reported by Nixon over the period is adds up to $1025 (note the January 2006 report lists an aggregate mileage of 84 miles but the actual mileage adds up to 80 – Nixon cannot even do simple math).

Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party said, “This is offensive in a special way. Day by day, Jay Nixon – the Attorney General of the state – racks up a 15% knockoff of the taxpayers on a 4.7 mile trip, by paying for 4.0 miles. Lesson One: Don’t believe a thing he says. Lesson Two: Don’t ever leave him alone in a room with somebody else’s money.”


The Missouri Republican State Committee has produced a new radio spot highlighting Jay Nixon’s… unique approach to ethics. Jay’s #1 rule? Don’t admit to anything.

Click here to listen.



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