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Chalk One Up for the “New Media”; Hey Hank Waters, Here’s an Example of Responsible Blogging | Missouri Political News Service

Chalk One Up for the “New Media”; Hey Hank Waters, Here’s an Example of Responsible Blogging

October 8th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Please allow us to crow a little bit this morning. MOPNS brought you this exclusive video last week of Attorney General Jay Nixon attending fundraisers around Missouri in his official state vehicle. After we ran the story, we were inundated with emails from print and radio reporters for more information on where we obtained the video. As we explained to the media, the videos were sent anonymously to our tip line; that is all the information we have. Immediately aftewards, stories concerning Nixon’s travel appeared in the AP, and in every major Missouri daily. Soon after that, editorials were being written calling for Nixon to reimburse the people.

As expected, many of the Nixon Kool Aid drinkers attempted to deride us for covering this “non story.” They claimed (correctly) that Governor Blunt and Lt. Governor Kinder were doing the exact same thing. We were even called “stupid” by one elitist Nixon sycophant. What Nixon and his supporters carefully left out of their arguments, was that Gov. Blunt is required by state statute to have security at all times, whether it be an official or campaign function. It is reported that Blunt uses private transportation during unofficial functions. It is unfortunate, that it took this amount of scrutiny from the new media, for Mr. Nixon to FINALLY change his mind and start obeying the law.


CDT: The blogosphere: Promised land or quagmire? (Editorial by HENRY J. WATERS III, Publisher, Columbia Daily Tribune)

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  • 1 Darin Codon // Sep 11, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    The Censorship sucked, but being detained unlawfully and the proceeding death threats were worse.

    Thanks for noticing!


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