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Profiling the Presidential Candidates…

November 2nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

If one were to judge the competency of one’s ability to govern this country, due to experience and background, then probably none of the individuals running for President of the United States would qualify.

Looking at what separates the candidates is a very thin line, but dead presidents (money) in the long run, will make all the candidates look like former presidents or Rhodes Scholars. Money can turn a monkey into a college professor, but the monkey’s inability to speak, would make him look like a fool.

Recent rumors and actions suggest that Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City and worth about $20 billion, is considering spending about $500 million of his own money, to become president of the United States. Recently, Bloomberg left the Republican Party and became an Independent, in order to run for president. However, even with all of his wealth, Michael Bloomberg does not have the experience to run the Oval Office.

People talk about the experience of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, but where is it? Senator Clinton is just like the others, she does not have any experience. Her husband President Bill Clinton had no experience in foreign affairs other than some affairs with women that sued him and exposed his exploits to the press.

So, when it comes to the affairs of heart, all candidates are equal and it will be up to the dead presidents (money) to put together slick advertising campaigns to sell their candidates to voters. Say what you want to about the inexperience of Rudy Giuliani (former mayor of New York and hardnosed prosecutor of the mafia), but Giuliani heads the polls on the Republican side and youthful U.S. Senator Barack Obama from Illinois, is closing ranks on Senator Clinton, because both Clinton and Obama lack experience. However, the lack of experience is made-up when you win and choose talented and experienced people to makeup your cabinet.

So when Bloomberg enters the race, he automatically qualifies as a candidate, because of his wealth. He may not be tied to a political party or have a voter base, but money does matter and at the end of the day, he will be competitive, because of his wealth.

Another person to watch is movie actor and former U. S. Senator Fred Thompson out of Tennessee. This law and order man is already second to Giuliani in the polls, because he stars on the hit television program entitled Law and Order. Many people are trying to portray Thompson as another Ronald Reagan, but filling the boots of former President Ronald Reagan is a tall order and Thompson is suspect about being equal to Reagan. But, Thompson is a real actor and you cannot count him out, plus he is a multimillionaire and brings his own dead presidents to the table.

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