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Dick Gephardt’s Daughter Films Pro Homosexual Documentary

November 2nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

By Brian Orndorf

The Bible is such a powerful tool. It can lift spirits and encourage hope just as easily as it can incite hatred and destroy lives. “For the Bible Tells Me So” studies the chilling effect misinterpreted Bible verses have brought on the gay and lesbian community, singling out special stories of emotional unrest to explore the changing perspectives of Christianity.

“For the Bible” is a bold documentary that recognizes the vitriolic nature of the argument at hand. Directed by Daniel Karslake, the film steps tentatively, knowing full well what it hopes to communicate is going to upset a horde of believers. Instead of a bracing judgmental attitude, the documentary lunges for the heart, cracking open numerous tales of religious and sexual identity adversity intended to underline the theme of growing tolerance and tangled biblical logic.

The two noteworthy tales come from high-profile sources. The first is politician Richard Gephardt and his daughter Chrissy, a lesbian who spent most of her formative years in heterosexual relationships due to her own sexual confusion and deep-seated fear of public embarrassment. Their tale is one of straightforward acceptance, a rare find, with even Chrissy amazed at how well Richard and his wife took the news, even encouraging help from their daughter during his presidential run in 2004. Read more…


Video: Gephardt & Daughter on CNN’s “Situation Room”



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