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Earth to Messenger & FiredUp Missouri: “It’s getting Old Now!”

November 2nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

We want to inform our readers that we are drastically cutting back on our Scott Eckersley coverage. No matter how loud “Baghdad” Tony Messenger and FiredUp Missouri rant and rave about this case, most Missourians have realized that Eckersley has ZERO credibility and that they are now ready to move on to more substantive issues. Even lazy Jo Mannies of the Post Dispatch realizes it.

How much credibility does a guy have who complains that he was offended by “bawdy locker room talk” but sends an email to a colleague calling him a “homo?” How much credibility does a guy have who questions his termination for his work performance, but performs legal work by faxing handwritten letters to judges to have his arrest warrant “pulled back?” I mean really! Inundating us ad nausea about a former disgruntled employee – who tried to use his father to extort a job from the governor and who was receiving explicit invitations on his state computer to sexually abuse women and engage in bi-sexual threesomes – is doing informed Missourians a disservice. What about the invasion of Missouri from illegal aliens or Jay Nixon deciding how much to reimburse the state for using his official car to attend fundraisers? What this sorry episode has exposed though, is “Baghdad” Tony’s (for lack of a better word) sheer hatred for Ed Martin and the Blunt Administration.

If Messenger wants to do to his two bit career what Dan Rather did to his with the whole sorry 2004 “Memogate” affair, go ahead, we just won’t be a party to it. Until something else comes out that’s newsworthy, we’ll leave the coverage to the fringe left wing blogs and the Woodward and Bernstein wannabe.


The AP story we linked to yesterday that had this headline: “AP NewsBreak: Fired Blunt attorney says he offered to keep quiet” has mysteriously disappeared from the internet. Now if you press on the link we had to this story, this is the story you get: “MO: Blunt says his office has no specific policy on deleting e-mails.” Interesting.



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  • 1 Conspicuous // Nov 3, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    Good for Ed Martin for not giving in to this blackmailing, two faced, kid. It is amazing how stories seem to change after they get fired — it is never “my fault” but someone elses. Eckersley seems to be in denial.

  • 2 Mark Johnson // Nov 14, 2007 at 3:26 am

    I get it, you don’t like Democrats, FiredUp, whatever, but don’t tell me it’s all one-sided and expect me to buy it. Do your homework, write something objective, and stop regurgitating whatever the Governor says. It’s getting old.

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