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Nixon Cannot Be Trusted to Set Reimbursement Rate for Illegal Use of State Vehicle | Missouri Political News Service

Nixon Cannot Be Trusted to Set Reimbursement Rate for Illegal Use of State Vehicle

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Contact: John Hancock


JEFFERSON CITY—Today Jay Nixon announced that he is finally reimbursing taxpayers for his illegal use of a state vehicle for campaign purposes, setting his own questionable rate of reimbursement. After intense media pressure, Nixon reversed his initial claims that he had the right to campaign on the taxpayers’ dime because he is attorney general “24/7,” admitted to breaking the law, and agreed to follow Governor Blunt’s example by ending his illegal use of a taxpayer-funded vehicle.

“We are glad Jay Nixon finally has decided to stop using a state vehicle that is paid for by the tax dollars of hard-working Missourians for his campaign for Governor, but it should not have taken intense pressure and media scrutiny before Nixon decided to do the right thing,” said John Hancock, spokesman for Missourians for Matt Blunt.

“Nixon setting his own rate of reimbursement is like someone being pulled over for speeding and telling the officer, ‘I’m sorry about that. Here’s twenty-five bucks. That ought to cover it.’ Nixon lied about the use of the car to a member of his own party during an audit. Why should Missourians trust him to be honest now in setting the reimbursement rate?”

Nixon’s promise to reimburse the state for his illegal use of taxpayer resources is eerily reminiscent of his claims that he gave $19,100 in illegal contributions he accepted from Ameren while he was investigating the utility. Campaign finance reports reveal that the “refunded” money was never returned to Ameren and instead found its way back to Nixon’s campaign.

“We will believe it when we see it. If this is anything like his self-proclaimed Ameren reimbursement, it will not really happen,” Hancock said.

As a candidate for Governor, Matt Blunt parked his state vehicle to ensure that no political use of his state vehicle could occur or be alleged. Missourians for Matt Blunt congratulates Nixon for Governor for finally using a rented vehicle for campaign travel – just as Governor Blunt and every other candidate for Governor has done in the past.


AP: Nixon gives state $47,000 for expenses

MOGOP: Nixon Admits Guilt: Reimburses State for Illegal Use of Car



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