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MO. Bar Association Offers “Non Partisan Court Plan” Talking Points to its Members | Missouri Political News Service

MO. Bar Association Offers “Non Partisan Court Plan” Talking Points to its Members

October 19th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Here’s an example of “liberal elitism” at its finest. The Missouri Bar Association is offering what it labels “Seek, Speak and Teach Resources” to its membership. Try not to be too insulted as you read below what they think of us “lay public.”

You’re the expert. As a lawyer, you take for granted your knowledge of the courts and their role in our government. You know why it’s essential to ensure a strong, fair and impartial judiciary. The lay public doesn’t have the advantage of three years of law school and the years of experience you’ve had seeing the legal system in action.”

“You can make a difference in your community by speaking to groups about the Non-Partisan Court Plan and the role of the judiciary. The sure-fire way of getting an invitation to speak to a group is to let the leaders of any group you are currently in know about your availability to speak about the courts. In addition, The Missouri Bar has started a speakers bureau and will be contacting groups throughout the state.”



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  • 1 Phyllis Davis // Oct 19, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    The Non Partisan Court Plan should be changed. Judges are easily manipulated by attorneys. The probate clerk in Kansas City has as much power as the judge. My family home,my mother left to her children in a will, a judge has allowed “supervised personal representatives” to sale the home my parents bought new and paid for, sold. All done when information listed in public records indicated information presented by the attorney, to the court, was intentionally wrong. Many people have a “Judge” in their life at some point in time. A traffic ticket, divorce, PROBATE. A life changing determination, with possible corruption with attorney influence should be monitored. I want to elect judges. They will have a more direct affect in person’s lives than the “President”.

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