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Messenger: “A Rod Jetton Quiz” | Missouri Political News Service

Messenger: “A Rod Jetton Quiz”

October 4th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Jo “sticky fingers” Mannies is reporting that a poll conducted by Survey St. Louis LLC(which is co-owned by Rep. Akin’s St. Louis District Director Patrick Werner) for Col. Jack Jackson has the perennial candidate encouraged. Mannies says that Jackson told her: “The numbers are better than I had anticipated, in my favor.” With Mannies penchant for lifting stories from other sources, we take with a grain of salt that Jackson talked to her exclusively, but it appears Jackon is ready to commit political suicide to settle a political score with the governor. Maybe Rod’s been too busy consulting with his new potential client to return Messenger’s calls?

From Ozarks Messenger: 

Here’s a little quiz as we continue our game of “Where in the World is Rod Jetton?” Rod Jetton’s refusal to answer phone calls from taxpayers, and his allegation (made through staff) that he “offered” to talk to me off the record (which he didn’t), makes him:

A. Arrogant

B. A coward

C. A liar

D. An embarrassment to Republicans

E. All of the above

Please leave your answers in the comments section, and keep those calls to Jetton coming. Apparently, the phone is not yet “ringing off the hook.” Read more…



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  • 1 Jackie Baker // Oct 4, 2007 at 2:09 pm

    I have called Jetton’s office myself because I own property in Stone County and I sent him an e-mail asking for an explanation of some sort for his subversive actions.

    No response to me…the taxpayer…either.

    Stay on him! Jackie

  • 2 Tommie // Oct 6, 2007 at 7:28 am

    I think this is so funny. Dennis Wood is probably one of the most ineffective legislators we have ever sent to Jefferson City. It is unfortunate that so many of my fellow residents don’t see that.

    Now he makes a statement that he can’t back up that Jetton got this placed in the bill. He can’t prove it but somebody said that’s what happened. Has anyone including Messenger asked Wood if he directly asked Jetton? Has anyone considered that the reason Jetton hasn’t called back is that he would have to expose Wood for the useless Representative that he is?

    Lest anyone get the idea I am defending Jetton I’m not. I will say that if he did do this he should answer why. I will also say that the people like Messenger who act like this is the first time something like this has ever happened are being disingenous. I am saying that Dennis Wood voted for a bill that he didn’t know what was in it and that speaks more about his problem than anything Jetton may or may not have done.

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