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KC Star, Your Bias Is Showing!

September 27th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

It is amazing how a simple headline can totally mischaracterize an entire article. Last week, we brought you these two examples from the illustrious Associated Press.

Unsurprisingly, the Kansas City Star followed suit today with an equally misleading headline regarding the Missouri Political News Service’s exposure of Jay Nixon’s using his state owned vehicle for fundraising trips around the state. The headline in question read: “Jay Nixon used state-owned vehicle to attend fundraisers, Republicans say.” No K.C. Star and reporter Tim Hoover, THE YOUTUBE VIDEO says Jay Nixon is using his state-owned vehicle to attend fundraisers. What’s the old saying about pictures – or in this case video – never lies?

Nixon’s legal counsel remarked in the piece that “[He’s]not going to get into the specific concerns or threats.” Why not? Probably because there aren’t any! What a pathetic excuse Nixon and his cronies are using to justify using state resources for his political campaign. This is very poor journalism on Hoover’s part. Why didn’t he ask if there have ever been threats to the Attorney General? They didn’t have to give specifics. Why didn’t Hoover ask what state statute says the AG deserves a security detail?

In conclusion, MOPNS asks Mr. Hoover: Are you an objective journalist or simply a lap dog for Jay Nixon?


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Nixon arriving at a Kansas City fundraiser with “security”. (The Source)

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