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Old Soldiers Never Die; They Just Run for Office Again & Again…. | Missouri Political News Service

Old Soldiers Never Die; They Just Run for Office Again & Again….

September 13th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

It seems former state representative, congressional and state auditor candidate Col. Jack Jackson, is aiming to be his party’s Claire McCaskill in combat boots. We should have seen this coming with the Jetton/Jackson “upstage the governor tour” earlier this summer.

Republican insiders are asking today why would Speaker Jetton – who makes the arrangements and final decision on who is inducted as a “famous Missourian,” arrange for Jackson to fly in Bob Barker for the ceremony? Is this another attempt by Jetton to upstage the Governor and provide Jackson with free publicity?

According to Prime Buzz, Col Jackson (he’s seems to go by Col. when he’s running for statewide office) says “he’s a month away from announcing whether he’ll challenge Matt Blunt in the GOP primary for governor next year.” Why the month wait? So he can decide if he wants to run a tough campaign at this stage in his life? Nope. So he can talk with his wife and family? Nope. He’s waiting a month so he can analyze a poll he’s commissioned. Just what we need, another politician who sticks his finger in the wind to make tough decisions! Not something that we’d probably admit, but you have to admire him for his honesty. Colonel, we suggest you enjoy your retirement and stick to flying around celebrities and politicians with questionable ethics.


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  • 1 Stephen Bough // Sep 13, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    Senator Claire McCaskill lost a single election.

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