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No Spin Here

September 4th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

FiredUp Missouri: “Discover[ing] a new corollary to majority-rule democracy.”

Admittedly, we find it uncomfortable coming to the defense of a newspaper columnist, but in this particular case, it is certainly warranted. The spin happy bloggers over at FiredUp Missouri, needing a story to spin and distort to ridiculous proportions after the long holiday weekend, have accused SNL columnist Brian Lewis of “discover[ing] a new corollary to majority-rule democracy.” Lewis’ crime? Here’s an excerpt from today’s column:

“Voters approved a constitutional amendment protecting controversial forms of stem cell research by 51 percent. It’s shameful that such a razor-thin majority is able to change the state’s constitution. It’s also misleading because with such a small percentage of voters making the difference, it is clear that voters haven’t made up their minds on the issue.”

FiredUp attacks the messenger Lewis for pointing out the fact that so few Americans bother to vote? We believe it is a rather credible argument to suggest that the results from a low voter turnout election, don’t necessarily reflect the will of the people. That doesn’t mean you’re calling the outcome of the election illegitimate – which has been a play out of the Democratic playbook in recent history. (Bush/Gore in 2000)

In fact, Lewis seems to be in agreement with stem cell research:

“But cloning isn’t the sole territory of some Frankenstein novel. It’s the latest realm of reproductive technology for livestock animals.

Human beings, of course, aren’t livestock and shouldn’t be treated or discussed as such. Scientists have also said that humans are too complex to be fully cloned. Yet, there’s great excitement about the possibility of doing research with the cloned products of somatic cell nuclear transfer and potential cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and spinal cord injuries, to name a few.”

The Missouri Political News Service finds it quite ironic that when FiredUp Missouri – and its left wing fringe minions – receive an election outcome they approve, anyone who dares mention the slimness of the victory is “discover[ing] a new corollary to majority-rule democracy.” Where was this same deference to Democracy in 2000 when sore loser Al Gore wouldn’t concede to George Bush?



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