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Decisions, Decisions…

September 1st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Attorney Michael Kilgore: 2006 Democratic appointee to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

As Missouri’s politcos wait with baited breath on the Missouri Ethics Commission’s ruling on whether candidates should be forced to return excess contributions, there is a side caveat to this matter that is not receiving much attention from the mainstream media in this state.

Attorney Michael Kilgore, a fairly recent appointee to the Commission, is a fellow associate with “Judas” Chris Koster at the Dollar, Burns, & Becker law firm in Kansas City. Kilgore was appointed by the Governor in 2006 on Koster’s recommendation. It will be interesting to see which side he lands on. Does he vote to let the candidates keep the excess money, thus helping Koster, but hurting his old boss Jay Nixon? Or, does he vote to have them return the money, which helps Nixon but hurts his Dollar, Burns, & Becker colleague?



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