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Old Media Bashes Anonymity…..Again! | Missouri Political News Service

Old Media Bashes Anonymity…..Again!

July 24th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

“Baghdad” Tony Messenger finally finds an ally in his lonely quest to discourage anonymity on the Internet. And guess where this ally of “Baghdad” writes his newspaper column? You guessed it, for the same publication that Messenger is the editorial page editor. Columnist Brian Lewis and “Baghdad” Tony make a monumental leap by equating writing political opinions anonymously, with a CEO getting caught red handed writing anonymous comments about his products . Lewis writes he is “disappointed and disgusted”by anonymous and pseudonymous postings on the Internet. He specifically refers to the recent John Mackey incident.

Is Lewis trying to tell us that throughout the glorious history of capitalism, an entrepreneur has never tried to gain competitive advantage by disparaging a competitor’s product while praising his own anonymously? The only difference we see is that now, ethically questionable tactics such as these, can be done electronically instead of by word of mouth. Lewis even goes so far as to mock the founding fathers, many who wrote under pseudonyms to protect their lives and families:

“Mr. Mackey, many people are idiots and cowards. Many people don’t have the guts or the fortitude to stand behind their words. Many people enjoy the power they think anonymity confers upon them.” Read more…

Lewis also says that he “won’t take serious” anyone who doesn’t attach their name to their words. In the 21st century Mr. Lews, bloggers don’t much care if the old media doesn’t take us seriously. Our work is what gives us credibility, not your stamp of approval, Sir.

The Missouri Political News Service asks how can these journalists- who should know better- ever believe they will have any support for their views in a country that prizes free speech?



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  • 1 Darin Codon // Jul 25, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    The article in question was upsetting. The irony here is that the Internet isn’t an anonymous venue. In fact, it’s the most trackable – if you know what you’re doing.

    My reponse…Blasphemy —-> http://bransonedge.3floors.com

  • 2 Paul Seale // Jul 26, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    I think Tony has a point about people blogging anynomously just to make political hit points. Fired Up Missouri is a perfect example.

    How many cheap shots without foundation have been taken on Republicans by the publication? I am sure that had many of their authors been exposed for who they are their credibility would be substantially undercut.

    At the same time I can see some individuals who need to stay without putting their name on the publication for fear of reprisal.

    So while I think this is a worthy topic of discussion I dont think calling someone a name gets much of an intellectual point across.

    One other note here – you might want to not leach Tony’s image from the news-leader’s site.

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