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Carnahan Plays Politics With Her Office | Missouri Political News Service

Carnahan Plays Politics With Her Office

July 24th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

It is always laughable when FiredUp Missouri rails on the Missouri mainstream media for protecting the Blunt administration and Republicans in general. We have an example for you today of the mainstream press doing the exact opposite. Their deafening silence is actually helping the Democratic cause.

The Missouri Political News Service reported Saturday that the organizers of Missouri Civil Rights Initiative – an affirmative action reform measure- were planning to sue Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. Carnahan’s office drastically revised the organizers’ original proposed ballot language. Carnahan’s office, with obvious partisan intent, reworded the language to make the initiative appear to hurt efforts at equality. Most Missourians would be appalled if they knew the secretary of state for ALL Missourians, is putting partisanship over the duties and responsibilities of her office. One would think that the state office responsible for elections would stand above politics and do the right thing.


Free Exchange on Campus: “Missouri anti-affirmative action ballot initiative exposed”



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