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FiredUp Missouri’s Latest Conspiracy Theory

July 10th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Fired Up Missouri is slowly dumbing itself down to the equivalent of the The National Enquirer.

You know when you grab the Enquirer off the newsstand, most of the articles you’re going to read are either total fabrications, total stretches, or littered with countless mis-information and half truths.

With the same morbid fascination human beings have with watching fist fights or car accidents, you pick it up anyway – not expecting much – and you’re usually not disappointed. The Templeless blog has gone so far down in quality since he left, that they are now relegated to passing off weak conspiracy theories as “investigative reporting.”

A post today from FUM is a prime example of what we’ve come to expect:

Several weeks ago, FiredUp Missouri learned that multiple outfits owned by developer Paul McKee –who stood to be the sole beneficiary of tax credit legislation championed by Kinder– had hired Melanie Moore to lobby on their behalf. Moore has been connected to Kinder by virtue of her public appearances with the Cape Girardeau Republican at events such as 2005’s Inaugural Ball.

Whether payments made by McKee to Moore were for substantive lobbying work or merely served as “inducements” for Kinder to push the bill vehemently is a question that remains unanswered.

To make matters more suspicious, Moore actually went to the trouble of beginning to do business under a different name and closing her old lobbyist registration on the same day that FiredUp posted on lobbyist/client connections between a McKee business and another Kinder loyalist.

Paul McKee hiring a lobbyist to help get a bill passed should be deemed suspicious?


Kinder Speaks: “FiredUp! Misfires!”



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