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Is Any Publicity Good Publicity? | Missouri Political News Service

Is Any Publicity Good Publicity?

June 28th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The Missouri Political News Service has seen quite a few methods of fundraising for Congressional candidates in its’ day, but soliciting support via a homosexual e-mail server is certainly not one of them.

The Kansas City Pride Club, a group dedicated to fighting for the rights of Lesbian/Gay/Bi-Sexual/Transgender (LGBT) individuals, informed their membership this week of a Pride-supported fundraiser for Kay Barnes. More than simply mentioning the event in the e-mail, Kay’s crony encouraged all of the LGBT recipients to attend in support of Barnes’ candidacy.

On the same e-mail, the Pride Club announces its’ annual wine and cheese gala, which seeks to raise money for the advancement of its’ causes, including active recruitment of homosexual police officers and financial support of pro-equal homosexual rights legislators.

It’s not a surprise that Kay would receive the backing of Kansas City’s LGBT community given her vocal support for domestic partnerships as Mayor, we didn’t actually believe that Barnes would resort to soliciting homosexual interest groups for fundraising support.

Kay is certainly allowed to accept money from whomever she wants, but MOPNS questions whether or not the issues advocated by Kansas City Pride would find a friendly audience in the Northland District Barnes claims to represent?

It’s clear now, though, that if you’re in favor of wasting tax dollars to ensure that our police force will actively be stocked with homosexual officers rather than the heterosexual individuals currently wearing the uniform, Kay Barnes is your candidate.

If so, feel free to join KC Pride and all of its’ LGBT members when they empty their checkbooks to Barnes for Congress.



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