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Lib Bias in Missouri | Missouri Political News Service

Lib Bias in Missouri

June 21st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The expose on journalists and their financial ties to Democrats they are supposed to cover objectively keeps getting better and better.

We can now add a Kansas City reporter to the list of bias:

Patterson has covered the Iraq war and anti-war movements for the National Catholic Reporter, an independent weekly newspaper in Kansas City.

She gave to anti-war Democrats: $2,100 to Sen. Claire McCaskill, $1,000 to Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, $250 to Howard Dean and $800 to the Democratic Party.

And she signed a petition and paid to have it published as “KC Metro Citizens Oppose War On Iraq!”

Patterson said the danger isn’t the journalist who reveals a bias by making a campaign contribution, but journalists who quietly hold to their biases.

“I feel my responsibility as a journalist is to be fair to the people and issues involved and to be as accurate as possible,” she said. “When I see my country embark on a course of action that I think disastrous to its future and fatal to its citizens, I think it my duty to do my utmost to stop it.”

She didn’t disclose her political activities to her readers, or her editor, Tom Roberts. He said he wasn’t sure about campaign contributions, but “a reporter signing a petition crosses the line to activism.”

And letting her keep her job would be activism on your part, sir.

While this story isn’t Missouri specific, it is just too good to not post! MSNBC’s Bill Dedman did the entire world a great service and exposed the political contributions of some of the nation’s most read journalists. The responses Dedman got from these journalists are hilarious! Even “Baghdad” Tony Messenger gets this one right!

Ozarks Messenger: “Should journalists give to campaigns?”

Political Fix: “The giving tree: MSNBC finds reporters who helped candidates”



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