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12 Days & Counting | Missouri Political News Service

12 Days & Counting

June 7th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The soap opera known as the St. Louis School Board has taken another sad turn, just days before the board is due to officially lose its power to the state. Thankfully, the sands have just about run out on the hourglass of this deeply dysfunctional board.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch obtained an email where board member David Jackson called the board “self-serving and egotistical.” He further writes:

“Based upon recent past events, it appears this board is conducting its business in the same manner as the previous board it condemned. The only change is, now this majority is in control.”

Jackson was referring to the recent $25,000 no bid contract that was awarded to controversial radio host Lizz Brown. Jackson said that he is considering resigning from the soon to be powerless board.

The Missouri Political News Service has a suggestion that benefits both school choice activists and school board members. Rex Sinquefield, of the Show Me Institute, should pay each board member 25,000 for the wonderful job they are doing promoting school choice. Their infighting, incompetence, and business as usual style, would be well worth the investment.


Sylvester Brown: “Charter – School Foes’ Show They’ve Got Game”



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