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Show Me Institute Poll Shows Missourians Overwhelmingly Favor School Choice | Missouri Political News Service

Show Me Institute Poll Shows Missourians Overwhelmingly Favor School Choice

May 8th, 2007 by mopns · 1 Comment

The Show Me Institute, founded by wealthy Philanthropist Rex Sinquefield, released a study yesterday that surprise surprise, Fired Up Missouri takes issue with. The survey found that two-thirds of Missouri residents favor offering tax credits for individual and corporate donations that fund tuition for poor families to educate their children in private schools. The survey also found that 77% of African Americans are in support the plan. Sinquefield talks about the plan on the St. Louis Fox affiliate’s morning show:

Predictably, the now Templeless blog takes another shot at The Post Dispatch – in reality, its comrade in arms – by questioning the poll results and the fact that the polling firm has the Governor’s campaign committee as a client:

“The St. Louis Post-Dispatch runs a story today whose only purpose is to put some air underneath questionable “survey results” fed to the paper by ultra-conservative Matt Blunt contributor Rex Sinquefield. Conveniently for Sinquefield, the Post story downplays both Sinquefield’s partisanship and the monetary connection between the survey’s creator and Gov. Matt Blunt.”

The tin foil hat conspirators at Fired Up see a quid pro quo. Follow this logic. Because Blunt favors school choice and uses the same polling firm as the Show Me Institute – an independent think take mind you – Blunt is behind the results? MOPNS wonders if Roy Temple, who now works for a polling firm in DC, follows these same criteria for poll credibility?



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  • 1 KC Blue Blogger // May 16, 2007 at 11:56 pm

    I don’t know about the conspiracy thing at Fired UP MO, but what I do know is that Sinquefield invests A LOT of money into vouchers, so I doubt he’s going to ever provide a poll that shows anything but support for his stance. His “think tank” is as close to “independent” as Fox News is “fair and balanced”, let’s be real.

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