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Bearden Hits the Blogosphere

May 22nd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Hat tip: Politics Blog

Fred Thompson is the Conservative Answer in ‘08

In that past few months I have been very active in calling for Senator Fred Thompson to run for the office of president. I have voiced my support to hundreds of Thompson supporters in Cookeville, Tennessee, I have made numerous statements to the press, and I have garnered two-thirds my Missouri House Republican Caucus’ signatures for a Draft Thompson petition. Today I am launching my new blog to fully explain why Fred Thompson is our party’s answer in ’08.

The last six years have seen ever increasing divisiveness in our country as career politicians dig into their ideological trenches and lambaste one another over the War and other heated topics. Some in the party seem to think that we should soften our conservative values and elect a moderate to liberal candidate. Now is not the time to hide from our values, it is the time to elect a leader who will champion them and remind America why conservatism doesn’t have to be confrontational. Senator Thompson is the next Great Communicator, able to do just that.  Read more…



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