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Nixon Ignores Millions In Damages For Less Than $20K | Missouri Political News Service

Nixon Ignores Millions In Damages For Less Than $20K

May 18th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

From Missouri Source:

Jaynixon AG Jay Nixon just announced he would not seek criminal charges against Ameren for the 2005 Taum Sauk dam break that resulted in millions of dollars in damages to one of the state’s most cherished parks–Johnson’s Shut Ins. Apparently, it’s okay for 1.3 billion gallons of water to decimate a state park as long as Nixon gets his $19,000 and spare change from the culprits.

Nixon’s decision amounts to an “open for business” signal to other embattled businesses seeking favor and refuge. In addition to Ameren, Nixon recently welcomed nearly $18,000 from sources tied to consumer advocate punching bag Charter Communications, over $20,000 from the CEO of Mid-Missouri Bank, which is under federal and state investigations; and nearly $12,000 from Oklahoma tobacco company Xcaliber International, which has been fighting AGs in surrounding state’s over its inclusion in tobacco settlements.

And let’s not forget that Nixon has made it a practice to accept gobs of money (at least $90,000 in his April 2007 report alone) from sources tied to his long-time political guru Charles Hatfield, who he regularly faces in court.

It certainly appears as though Nixon’s taxpayer-funded corporate defense business is booming, and with today’s Ameren announcement his stock is bound to rise with prospective clients. However, it’s unfortunate that taxpayers, who Nixon is supposed to be defending, will continue to suffer for his corruption. If Nixon wants to run a corporate defense firm, he should consider doing so in the private sector. We hear Siemens is in big trouble.



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