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Chef Hancock? | Missouri Political News Service

Chef Hancock?

May 7th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

The Missouri Politics Blog is not very impressed with the latest feature on Republican operative John Hancock’s Missouri Pulse Blog. In between daily posts lambasting Jay Nixon, and then lambasting Jay Nixon again, and then lambasting Jay Nixon again, again and again; the Missouri Pulse is adding……recipes! Here’s the excerpt from Missouri Pulse introducing their new feature:

This week, we introduce a new column to Missouri Pulse… Epicurious! The name is a blend of the word Epicurean, defined as someone who is a connoisseur of good food and wine and the word “curious” for those interested in what’s going on in and around Missouri. Featured will be a recipe for closet chefs to enjoy at your weekend gatherings and bits of information of happenings all across our great state!

Each week, you’ll get a recipe from my collection. These are tried-and-true people pleasers and impossible to screw up – even by Liberals!

As we said earlier, Missouri Politics blog is not overwhelmed with enthusiasm over the Pulse’s new culinary feature: Here’s their opinion:

Filed under: I had to hold off posting til I stopped laughing so I could type.
MO(can’t find a)Pulse (ie: Missouri’s Sports blog) unveiled yet another desperate attempt to make their GOP consultant funded political hack blog more interesting.

How? They are now doing recipe posts…..How the f*** did Capt’n Hackcock come up with something this crazy? I can only guess that he did a poll and this is how he thought he could appeal to women.

Now to be fair, food and politics have a long tradition together. How many of you have attended political pancake breakfasts and barbecues?



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