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Democratic Presidential Candidates Oppose Choice for Poor Minorities

February 18th, 2020 by MarkTwain · No Comments


Because education was so strictly prohibited during slavery, Africans Americans uniquely understand the importance of a quality education. Education opens your mind to new ideas and thoughts and gives one a freedom that can’t ever be taken away. That is why I believe the Democratic Party- and their presidential candidates, the Teacher’s Unions and the NAACP are so adamantly against providing African American parents choices in their children’s education. A 2017 poll showed wide support for school choice, especially among Latino and African American voters: Read more…


Marc Cox Morning Show: “St. Charles County Republican Chair David Zucker and Chris Arps.”

Wake Up Columbia: 15:00 “Christopher Arps lays out a great argument for his article “Democratic Presidential Candidates Oppose Choice for Poor Minorities”. We also discuss the Missouri Gubernatorial race” 

“Democrats For Education Reform” Gather in St. Louis



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