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Missouri Rural Crisis Center is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

August 22nd, 2018 by editor · No Comments

Something suspicious is popping up around Rural Missouri: The Missouri Rural Crisis Center and its “feel good” messages about farming.

The crooked motives of this organization are not as clear as they lead us to believe.  Instead, the Missouri Rural Crisis Center (MRCC) is striving to cripple the agriculture industry as we know it.

The MRCC wants people to support the organization by sharing concerns for family farms and the struggles in rural areas.  What’s hidden in their opening statements is their desire to change the rural values and conservative principles making our state such a great place to live and work.

Farmers and ranchers are known for their stewardship and care for the land and animals they work with on a daily basis.  However, the MRCC vilifies farmers who provide three square meals each the rest of the country.

MRCC’s funding is a telltale sign of whom this organization is actually representing.  With funding from the owners of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (who are known for their socialist ambitions), Gorge Soros’ Tides Foundation, and Mark Zuckerberg’s Silicon Valley Community Foundation, it is obvious these dollars don’t come from people who understand rural Missouri.

If you’re serving as a county commissioner in a rural area, be prepared for this organization to knock on your office door.

However, the people of rural Missouri are waking up to the MRCC. This group tries to mimic our loyal agriculture groups, when they are really trying to sink their teeth into rural Missouri by flipping policies upside down.  They are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Don’t be fooled.  The Missouri Rural Crisis Center supports the expansion of Medicaid and employs a former community organizer who worked for Planned Parenthood in the past.  These are not the values of the rural Missourians that you and I hold dear.

To Missouri’s legislators and leaders in the agriculture community, We hope you will step up and unmask this wolf prowling around our state.  This organization wants to send Missouri’s vital agriculture industry back a century and slander the farmers who sacrifice so much to provide food for the masses.

To show our support for the agriculture industry, we need give the boot to the Missouri Rural Crisis Center and replace their voice with groups that actually represent real farmers and their interests.


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