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Is There Something in the Water? Mo Pol Suggests “Lynching” Confederate Monument Vandals | Missouri Political News Service

Is There Something in the Water? Mo Pol Suggests “Lynching” Confederate Monument Vandals

August 31st, 2017 by mopns_admin · No Comments

Mo. state Rep. Warren Love
Well, we have another example of political Foot-In-Mouth disease, this time from the Republican side of the Missouri legislative chamber. Mo state Rep. Warren Love has created a firestorm with his call on (you guessed it) Facebook for the “lynching” of vandals who recently poured paint on a Confederate monument in his district.

“This is totally against the law,” Love wrote. “I hope they are found & hung from a tall tree with a long rope.”

Of course after this controversy erupted and spread like a prarie fire, Rep. Love toned down his rhetoric and said he was in fact NOT calling for anyone to be lynched for the offense.

“Oh no,” he said. “Hell no!” “That was an exaggerated statement that, you know, a lot of times is used in the western world when somebody does a crime or commits theft. … That’s just a western term and I’m very much a western man. … You know, I wear a coat. You know, I dress western. And, you know, I’m the cowboy of the Capitol. “I guess I could’ve put on there that, you know, they were yellow-bellied, low-life or whatever.”

Like most people haven’t spent a lot of time around African Americans, Rep. Love resorted to the old stand by line of “Some of my best friends are Black – even if I only see them five months out of the year and during an occassional soft ball game!”

“Listen, I’ve got good friends in the Capitol,” Love said. “Me and Tommie Pierson (a black St. Louis County Democrat) was co-captains of a softball team. And you can ask anybody in that Capitol. I probably have a better relationship with the minorities than anybody up there at the Legislature. I play softball with them, I’m good friends with them. I, you know, I sit on the same side of the aisle with them and they’re on my softball team,” Love said. “I am definitely not that word,” Love said of the word “racist.” I don’t even like to use that word.” Read more…

It looks like the only African American Republican member of the legislature won’t be playing softball with Rep. Love any time soon.



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