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FLASHBACK: Picture(s) of the Day: Shady Ballots in Bollinger County? | Missouri Political News Service

FLASHBACK: Picture(s) of the Day: Shady Ballots in Bollinger County?

October 26th, 2016 by mopns · No Comments

With all the talk lately of “rigged elections” and voter fraud, we went back thru our archives and found this interesting example of potential shenanigans in Bollinger County:

A reader recently sent this unsettling email to us. This should really be investigated and investigated thoroughly.

I don’t know where to start. I have thought I had seen this in elections that go back to the 2008 election of the county commission. It was easier to believe I was too wrapped up in the politics that my eyes deceived me, than to believe the ballots really did look like this! Now in the election this past Nov ( I have been trying since then to get it addressed) the candidates for the Republicans were darker than their opponents. The clerk assures me we will use a new printing company this year because of this. However this company has printed them for 20+ years and conveniently has the ONLY paved road in the county.  How am I to have faith in the democracy process? How am I to trust the integrity of the system in place if I have no course of action to take that will give me confirmation. Here are the facts.

*Ovals were too dark for some candidates (That is what the machine counts!)

*The candidate was too dark

*The entire back for the constitution vote was too light

*Ink splatters on text

*Ink splatters in oval area

*Some were crooked on the page

*76 ballots were corrected with WHITEOUT corrections and not the removable sticker. ( no way to see original intent of voter now if audited)

*The tests was performed with sharpie marker. (this changes variables, I vote in #2 pencil) How is that an accurate test?

*The error was reported in the Marble hill dist, however I am hurricane and I SAW it ( discrepancy in the reporting)

*The old clerk showed me the process with absentee ballots and there was print quality issues there too

*The problem was different ballot to ballot, district to district.

*Upon inspection after the fact the new clerk sees it just by flipping through the stack.

*The wining candidates WERE darker on the ballot I VOTED ON! I knew it wasn’t my eyes!


*The company that printed the ballot is on the ONLY paved county road

*No one wanted to admit it was like this until I forced the issue with the sunshine law request to get a copy ( I do think the NEW clerk has made a big difference)

*What about the integrity of the elections of the past since you can see it on those ballots too?

How is that a valid tactic to bold face print some candidates but not others. We need to hold the quality of the official ballots to a higher standard. In situations like these it comes to light that we need LAWs to protect the public from these kinds of deceitful practice. Whether  it happened by accident as they say or on purpose, Something should be done to ensure the integrity of the ballots for future elections.


SE Missourian: Opinion: Confidence in ballot count accuracy



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