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Jeff Roe on Cruz Campaign: “Building a Campaign with Data as the Central Point of Our Decision Making” | Missouri Political News Service

Jeff Roe on Cruz Campaign: “Building a Campaign with Data as the Central Point of Our Decision Making”

April 6th, 2015 by mopns · No Comments

Apparently Mr. Roe is moving forward after the Tom Schweich tragedy…


“The last thing I would say is we are building a campaign not with data as a resource, but with data as the central point of our decision making,” Roe said, noting that Team Cruz isn’t going about data the way normal campaigns do. “We’re baking data into everything we do, into how we are going to engage each individual donor and voter in the process to see how they’re going to be able to get the message of our campaign,” Roe said.

Roe noted that the campaign is taking messages of what voters want to hear about right to their doorsteps, using issue ID to figure out what it is they care about most then convincing them that Cruz has the best solution to their needs. It’s very business-like, almost like a sales pitch, aimed at engaging voters to find a way to sell them on how Cruz is the best product in the 2016 field. They are working to define the largely-undefined Cruz to primary and general election voters in a way that they expect will help them see that Cruz is the best available decision they can make. Essentially, if someone wants to discuss Obamacare instead of tax cuts, Roe said, then Cruz’s team will talk to them about Obamacare. That doesn’t mean Cruz isn’t strong on tax cuts, too, but talking to voters about what they are interested in hearing about makes convincing them to eventually vote for him when the time comes much easier. “So the engagement of those voters is how we’re approaching this—not just talking at them with what we want to say, but communicate with them about what they want to talk about,” Roe said. Read more…



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