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Post Dispatch "Reporter" Leaves to Start Oppo Research Firm | Missouri Political News Service

Post Dispatch “Reporter” Leaves to Start Oppo Research Firm

June 22nd, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

Former Post Dispatch political “reporter” Jake Wagman is starting his own opposition research firm according to the website jimromensko.com:

Jake Wagman, who leaves the Post-Dispatch after nine years, says his new firm, Shield Political Research, “will offer a fresh and innovative approach to opposition research for candidates and campaigns” by “using public documents and the tools of investigative reporting to produce original research.”

He writes:

I’ll always be bullish on newspapers in general, and the Post-Dispatch in particular, but over the last several years — while shining a light on lawmaker perks, reporting on government waste and peering into the backgrounds of countless individuals running for office— I realized my passion was holding candidates and public officials accountable.

I also realized that the state of the media industry means many newsrooms no longer have the resources they need to thoroughly scrutinize those seeking public office.

One thing missing in his statement. Wagman should have said his passion was holding REPUBLICAN candidates and public officials accountable. Like MSNBC and the lamestream media, he didn’t even try to hide his bias anymore. Good luck Jake. Now you don’t have to work under the guise of being objective!



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