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Missouri State Convention Post-Mortem – And It’s Not Pretty

June 5th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

Found this little gem in our inbox on Sunday. Enjoy!

Alright, so I don’t care how many down-votes this gets…But I HAVE to vent this here. Following info I gathered going through Missouri State convention thread.

I’ve had it!!! In St. Charles County, Missouri (Ron Paul clean sweep county for first choice & alternate delegates), there were 294 total delegates – first choice + alternate. Only 140 showed up for State Convention. Where the *^$! were rest of 154 of them?!?! Watching Cartoon Network channel?!?!? I’m so furious, my blood is boiling.

Is this what Brent Stafford went to jail for, in the first St. Charles county caucus? Is this what all patriots donated to moneybombs for, so our delegates would stay home? Don’t they know about sacrifices of all those patriot delegates in Maine, how much they achieved? Couldn’t they appreciate Brent Stafford’s sacrifices?!?!

Final Missouri convention numbers were: 1025 voted on a slate of FASCISM supporting delegates vs. 781 for US Constitution. Remember, the fascists had multiple candidate allegiances with them – Romney + Santorum + Gingrich, all going against supporters of 1 single patriot candidate.

This is making ABSLOUTELY NO SENSE! Is it likely there were some no-shows from Kansas City and St. Louis either? Considering margin of votes above, our no-shows showing up HAD to have bridged the gap. How can this happen?!?! People supporting Ron Paul cause simply DO NOT fail to show up. It just ISN’T supposed to happen. Especially for someone to have motivation to become a delegate, but not showing up at the most critical time? To me, this amounts to nothing short of treason. There is too much at stake here. The Republic is on the verge of a collapse.

Has this campaign been sabotaged from the inside – with Benton & Tate issuing absurd press releases? Doug Wead has gone TOTALLY SILENT both on his blog as well as Facebook.

I have been on record in other places, defending those campaign guys of playing a “Possum” strategy. But “Play Possum” can only work if all our delegates show up en-mass for conventions. NOT if the delegates themselves start doing “Play Possum”.

You know, after the euphoria of Nevada + Maine + Minnesota, things have suddenly stopped making any sense whatsoever. It’s almost like the wheels have come off the rails at the most glorious point of our campaign. [Talking about built up frustration of Arizona & Washington convention as well.]



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  • 1 Andy // Jun 5, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    I can account for two no-shows, since both my wife and I were unable to make it to the convention.

    The St Charles organizers, and the Boone County RP helper were aware of our possible no-show, since, we gave birth to our baby daughter on May 30th. We updated them with our progress the Tuesday prior, and we probably had the best doctor’s note ever.

    And I agree with your rant.

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