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Picture(s) of The Day: "Lil' Niecey" Nasheed & Mott Oxford BUSTED! | Missouri Political News Service

Picture(s) of The Day: “Lil’ Niecey” Nasheed & Mott Oxford BUSTED!

April 11th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

These pictures seem to confirm the worst kept secret in St. Louis politics. Rumors have been flying for weeks that Representatives Jamilah “Lil’ Niecey” Nasheed and Jeanette Mott Oxford have cut a clandestine deal to help Nasheed defeat 5th district senator Robin Wright Jones. The deal: Mott Oxford runs in the majority African American district and if Nasheed wins, she becomes Lil’ Niecey’s in district staff person.

Is that a gun gesture or is “Lil’ Niecey flashing gang signs?
You can run but you can’t hide from MOPNS!

Jamilah, “Lil’ Niecey” Nasheed Completes the Trifecta

Chairwoman Jamilah “Lil’ Niecy” Nasheed Passes ZERO Bills This Session



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