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Video: Romney Adviser Says If You Can’t Raise Money, Maybe You’re Not A Good Candidate

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Anchor Soledad O’Brien then asked Sen. Talent about the message that all of that outspending sends. “So, outspending Rick Santorum, over $2 million is what your campaign spent on TV ad spending,” O’Brien said, “to Rick Santorum’s just under $400,000, at some point there’s a different kind of math, maybe not delegate math, that says ‘That’s bad math. He won and spent under $400 million. We took a $2 million hit.’”

“I think the numbers are something like the campaign spent $55 million, campaign alone, I’m not talking about super PAC money, $55 million as of January 31st,” she added.

“The other way of looking at that,” Sen. Talent responded, “is that if you can’t raise any money, it has a bearing on whether you’re a good candidate, and whether you can beat Barack Obama. It’s all part of being a good candidate, having an organization, having a strong message, being energetic on the stump, raising money.”

Of course, the money will be there for whomever the nominee is, and although fundraising certainly can be an indicator of support, this isn’t the year to make the case that it trumps the enthusiasm of grassroots voters. The Romney campaign needs to come up with better answers than these, if such answers exist. Read more…


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