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Cleaver: Stimulus Package Failing African Americans | Missouri Political News Service

Cleaver: Stimulus Package Failing African Americans

March 12th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

“African American unemployment rose this month from 13.6 percent to 14.1….We were pleased when President Obama announced the Summer Jobs Initiative, which will provide $1.5 billion for high-impact summer jobs and year-round employment for low-income youth ages 16-24, as part of the American Jobs Act’s Pathways Back to Work Fund.” –Rep. Cleaver

Translation. Stimulus is obviously not working for African Americans (or most people for that matter) so let’s continue down the same path of government “make work” programs for Black youth. Think of the invaluable work skills they’ll learn by digging a holes somewhere and then filling them back in! Are these the “high impact” summer jobs the Congressman means?

As usual, Cleaver hasn’t gotten the memo and is talking about the stimulus when even the White House doesn’t mention the stimulus anymore.  As evidenced by these excerpts from newspaper editorials from around the country, only the extreme Obama Kool Aid drinkers still believe that the $trillion dollar stimulus package worked.

THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “If the federal government can’t responsibly manage the money it’s doling out in the name of economic stimulus, then it has no business doling out the money — period… Public investments… must be based on due diligence. Not big money politics. Not stimulus rollout timetables. Not sun-struck ideology….A nickel’s worth of business sense and a dime’s worth of caution might have saved Uncle Sam millions — and the Obama administration a heap of trouble.” (Editorial, “The Solyndra Saga,” The Chicago Tribune, 9/15/11

LOS ANGELES TIMES: “…some economists are questioning not only the size and composition of the $787-billion stimulus package that Congress approved in 2009, but also the economic theory behind it.” (Editorial, “A Stimulus Strangled In Red Tape,” Los Angeles Times, 9/22/10)

THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: “At the time Solyndra received its grant, Vice President Joe Biden declared that the Solyndra investment is ‘exactly what the Recovery Act is all about.’ Events have proven Biden right. Now that Solyndra is a demonstrated failure like the stimulus package as a whole, the administration still wants to continue the waste.” (Editorial, “Solyndra Bankruptcy Shows Stimulus Failure,” San Francisco Examiner, 9/1/11)


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