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Video: The McCaskill ObamaClone: "Our Economy Needs Barack Obama as President" | Missouri Political News Service

Video: The McCaskill ObamaClone: “Our Economy Needs Barack Obama as President”

March 5th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

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ForAmerica, the largest active online conservative organization, today launched an unprecedented social media campaign to educate voters in key Senate races for the 2012 cycle. Operation ObamaClone will educate voters on how U.S. Senators like Claire McCaskill have embraced President Obama’s failed policies including the Stimulus bill, ObamaCare, and other initiatives that have taken our country down the path to skyrocketing debt, increased job losses and Big Government expansion.

“Sen. Claire McCaskill has been cheering on President Obama and his destructive policies at every turn,” said ForAmerica Chairman L. Brent Bozell. “Missourians need to know how deeply into denial Sen. McCaskill has fallen when it comes to his worship of this failed president.”

At the new ForAmerica web site www.obamaclonemccaskill.com, Missouri voters will get valuable information about Sen. McCaskill’s record, his quotes and comments, press clippings, and videos illustrating how he has become an ObamaClone. ForAmerica’s campaign will utilize a cutting-edge social media effort, including online advertising, video and more, to keep Missourians informed about Sen. McCaskill.



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