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Republican Township Commiteeman: "Saving Senate Conservatives" | Missouri Political News Service

Republican Township Commiteeman: “Saving Senate Conservatives”

March 5th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

Text of an email sent out this morning by a St. Louis County Republican committeeman:

Dear friends and constituents,

I need to write this email because of an unjust situation that has developed within our voting responsibility area.  Many of you already are aware of the confusion of the re-districting process since the first maps were vetoed by the governor and then sent to the state supreme court.  Most maps have now been resolved except for the state Senatorial boundaries which I am contacting you about.  A new commission (of 4 Dems. & 4 Repubs) was appointed by the governor.  That commission drew yet another map that moved Sen. Cunningham’s 7th district to the Kansas City area where she could not move to and is a majority Democrat Party locale. The four Republican members of the Commission caved like marshmallows to the four Democrat members and gave them whatever they wanted in other areas as well.  Was this an act of vengeance within their own party for the St.Louis area China hub, or resistance to Obamacare from Prop. C sponsored by Sen.Cunningham?  Or was it just poor leadership?

Whatever the motivation, please contact these commission members and let them know that they can do better and say no their map and yes to the previous judicial map.

Jean Paul Bradshaw II
Steve Ehlmann
Marc Ellinger
Nick Myers
Lowell Pearson
Lloyd Smith



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  • 1 J C Truman // Mar 9, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Missouri as a whole grew by 7%. St. Louis County and Metro did not grow, they lost 40,000 population. The new Senate seats represent about 175,000. The old Senate seats represent about 164,000. Minority districts are protected and required by the Constitution. Given these facts, the St. Louis area is going to lose a Senate seat.

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