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Post Dispatch Waits Three Years to Expose Cong. Clay's Ties to Rent to Own Industry | Missouri Political News Service

Post Dispatch Waits Three Years to Expose Cong. Clay’s Ties to Rent to Own Industry

February 27th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

“I’ll Always Do My Best to Protect What Really Matters to You.” Remarkably, this quote is not from Rep. Clay responding to a constituent, but instead to his handlers and benefactors in the predatory”rent to own” industry. The industry has called Clay “the greatest champion the rent-to-own transaction has ever had.”

Now, call us cynical, but the timing of the Post Dispatch’s random act of journalism yesterday has us scratching our heads.  Way back in 2009, a Missouri blogger and the Washington Times did pieces on Cong. Clay and his friends in the rent to own industry. Post Dispatch writers were as quiet as church mice – until yesterday. We find it curious that with all the talk lately of a potential match up between Cong. Clay and the redistricted Cong. Carnahan, why did they decide now to do an obvious hit piece? Has the Post showed their hand on how they would endorse in a primary?


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