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One Percenter Dick Gephardt's (Son of a Milk Truck Driver!) D.C. Lobbying Firm Riding High | Missouri Political News Service

One Percenter Dick Gephardt’s (Son of a Milk Truck Driver!) D.C. Lobbying Firm Riding High

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“We have a crisis of confidence in this country because we see every day excesses of people that have more money than people can imagine wanting more money. Greed and selfishness can kill this great democracy and ruin capitalism. We need to have governance to make capitalism work for everybody.” – Dick Gephardt, former majority leader and ‘son of a milk truck driver.’ (2004)

Dick Gephardt when he was in public life was always fond of saying in his speeches that he was the ‘son of a milk truck driver.’ Well, according to this report, the ‘son of a milk truck driver’ is now firmly ensconced in the one percent after leaving a twenty eight year career in Congress. As capitalists, we don’t begrudge anyone making money, because there is nothing wrong with making a lot of money. The hypocrisy of Democrats like Gephardt and his ilk are what makes people cynical on politics.


Gephardt Lobbying Firm Earns $1.3 Million During 2nd Quarter

TARP Recipient Goldman Sachs’ Tax Rate Falls to 1%; Gephardt is Firm’s Lobbyist

The Obama Era Brings Boom Times for Lobbyists: Gephardt Cashes In

Surprise! Surprise! Lobbyist & Auto Parts Manufacturer Board of Director Dick Gephardt Supports Auto Bailout



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